da Vinci’s Clarity Blend – THCv, HHC, D8, CBD, CBG – 2ml Cartridge Duo (4ml) – Durban Poison & Kush Mints


When the pressure of life gets to you, it’s hard to think clearly. Now you can get a double dose of Clarity in two different strains, Durban Poison and Kush Mints. Our Duo pack comes with two 2ml vape cartridges, totaling 4mL of your favorite blend. Durban Poison (sativa) and Kush Mints (hybrid) are the perfect strains that transcend a balanced yet energizing high. Durban Poison has a dank, sweet smoke, and herbal taste with a clean, crisp, and slightly minty finish. Kush Mints (hybrid) has a full earthy, almost spicy taste with lingering flavors of citrusy zest and refreshing mint. Get this Duo pack of disposable carts today! You won’t be disappointed.